Asian “Miracle Spice” Becomes Leading Breakthrough for Numb, Tingling, Burning Legs And Feet!

You've probably heard that there is nothing you could do about your nerve problems.

And the burning, tingling and numbness is something you have to live with.
That is not true!

Did you know that people living in India rarely suffer burning, tingling, and numbness of the feet and lower legs?  

In fact... for every 89 American seniors that suffer leg and feet discomfort, only one person from India suffer this same problem? 

So there has to be something in their native diet that alleviates this painful and frustrating problem! 
And I am just ecstatic to have came across what their amazing secret is!    It’s a super healing spice that have been used in their ancient culture for over 4,000 years!  

And once you discover this secret, you will no longer let your feet and legs ruin your day. 

Instead, you can…
  • easily walk through the grocery aisle or stroll around the block
  • effortlessly get in and out of a car    
  • comfortably rise up from a low chair
  • carry shopping bags or lift heavy objects without dropping them
  • ​sleep through the night in comfort 
  • ​have the balance of a cat
But before I reveal this “miracle spice” that can restore comfort and enjoyment in your life again … you oughta know…

The 3 Biggest Lies about foot, leg and nerve comfort... and why drug makers desperately want to believe in these lies!

My name is Karen Hunter.  I am a freelance health writer.

Seeing my 79 year old mother suffer from leg discomfort years earlier was one of my very first experiences with this debilitating problem. 
She was very frightened. And so was I.  

We would spend some girl time shopping at the mall, and all of a sudden, she would lose her balance, nearly falling over… as if her legs had a brain of its own and decided to not to move.

There were also nights where her foot was “burning”, and felt like it had been set on fire. 

The discomfort was so excruciating once, I had to drive over in the middle of the night to her home, and take her to the emergency room.

At the time, the doctors couldn’t quite put their fingers on it. And that just intensified both of our already high anxiety levels. 

So all they did was push meds on her! (More on that later).

But as a natural health writer, I was fully aware of the DANGERS of conventional treatments. But also I knew I had to figure it out. 

While I was conducting my own research, I got lucky.

A natural health publication tasked me to travel to India to learn their health secrets to healthy functioning legs and feet.

And through my own research combined with the new found knowledge to my recent travel to India, what I learned was eye opening!

It’s clear that for folks who struggle with their leg and foot comfort, many of them have issues with tingling, burning feet and poor balance. 

To make matters worse, they believe the misconceptions they’ve heard about fixing their problem.

Here a few of the biggest lies I’ve heard. 

And they have all been drilled into our heads by the pharmaceutical industry to trick us to believe that the root cause of leg problems cannot be fixed and that their expensive drugs are the only solution for relief:

Lie #1: Nerve issues are to be expected as you get older… and there is nothing you can do about.

NOT TRUE! Certain health conditions are troublesome to the nerve endings of some people, but not all. Foot and leg issues are not inevitable. 

Lie #2: Once peripheral nerves are damaged, causing lower leg and feet dysfunction, it cannot be repaired!

DON”T BELIEVE IT! This is what is being drilled into your head … new research reveals otherwise!

Lie #3: You just have to live with “pins and needles” feet and legs and use drugs to soothe it.

NOT SO! It’s truly disturbing to me how many men and women think foot, leg, and hand issues are normal. They just sit back and accept it- and do nothing to help or protect themselves. This should never be!

The reason you experience leg and feet discomfort

The culprit behind this burning, tingling, and numbness can be found right below the surface of your skin. 
It’s triggered when the nerves in your legs and feet break down and blood flow is lost to the areas which surround them.

Damaged, deteriorating, and not able to effectively send sensations to your brain, these nerves can cause problems. The most common being…
  • Burning
  • ​Tingling
  • ​Numbness
  • Swelling
  • ​Heaviness
  • ​Unsightly Veins
  • ​Poor Balance
The point I’m driving home is that : all leg and foot problems are tied to nerve issues and poor circulation. 

Not only that but…

High Blood Sugar Can Destroy Healthy Nerves, Triggering Discomfort too!

Fact: people who undergo long term blood sugar issues suffer nerve discomfort that seems to never go away.  
That’s because when your blood sugar spikes, this sparks an inflammatory response through your entire body, in particular, your arteries. 

As inflammation builds, the walls of your arteries shrink, which slows the flow of blood to your legs and feet.

And unfortunately, without adequate blood, your nerves begin to deteriorate and some even die. This is what causes your legs and feet to lose sensation and why they always burn, tingle, and feel numb.

Not only that, this slow moving blood can get trapped in your veins, causing them to swell so large that fluid slowly leaks into your legs and feet. 

This is what gives them a swollen appearance and makes your legs and feet feel heavy.

But what really infuriates me are today’s treatments!

As you are reading this report, most doctors are prescribing painkillers and narcotics to alleviate nerve discomfort. Yes, this may help, but for most people, there is little, if any relief whatsoever!

Popular Drugs can worsen your discomfort and the side effects are severe!

The two most popular drugs for nerve issues are anti-inflammatories and anticonvultants.  
Though it can work, their side effects are very severe and at times, can be fatal.  

Long term usage can alter brain chemicals – leading to depression and suicidal thoughts. And even more fatal… a heart attack or stroke.

Plus, you are not likely to ever get lasting relief since these kinds of medicine does not resolve the real cause of your discomfort. 

Unless you get the feeling and blood flow back to your legs and feet…. You will never feel true relief from nerve issues.

But my trip to India (where nerve issues and lower leg and feet discomfort are almost non-existent) have led to me to discover a…

“Miracle Spice” For Numb, Tingling & Burning Feet”

Originated from ancient India, this century’s-old “holy powder” is so potent its called Jayanti – meaning “one who is victorious over disease”. 
And modern research reveals that turmeric is one of nature’s most powerful blood flow boosters.  

Curcumin in turmeric enhances circulation throughout your whole body… especially to your feet and legs… where you need most… in three different ways! 

STEP 1: Turmeric Targets Gunk In the arteries and blood vessels: 

Over time, fatty buildup (from greasy and sugary foods and beverages) accumulate and clog up the arteries… causing arteries to grow rigid and small.  

This buildup prevents healthy blood movement to the feet and legs.

Turmeric attacks the clogged arteries and can promotes a wider passageway for healthy blood movement.

STEP 2: Turmeric can help repair and restore Endothelial cells to healthy levels. 

Endothelial cells – the ultra thin wall of cells that line up your blood vessels… get damaged from daily toxins. 

Endothelial cells control the entering and exit of blood through your vessels. And when endothelial cells are not functioning optimally, blood flow problems can arise.

STEP 3: Turmeric can help unleashes A Flood of Nitric Oxide:  

Nitric Oxide is the key to opening blood vessels. You absolutely NEED Nitric oxide for healthy blood flow. 

Without N-O- blood, nutrients and oxygen to travel to every part of your body effectively and efficiently.

Unfortunately, nitric oxide declines 10% for every decade. So by the age of 60, your blood flow is 52% weaker than when you were in your 30’s. And by ages 70 to 80, you may suffer a 75% decline.

Turmeric has been demonstrated to promote increased N-O levels.
Armed with this new found insight on the miracle herb, turmeric, I contacted a very highly trusted lab in my home state of Georgia… and had them formulate a one pill a day dietary supplement I call… NeuroCene.
And already, thousands of customers have used my new formula, including my mom, who has been is enjoying her new found freedom. 

She now leaves the house, and enjoy her trip to go grocery shopping, or just for a walk… with ease and comfort without worry of numbness, or discomfort.

After investigating turmeric, it became crystal clear to me why leg and foot problems and nerve issues in India are just a fraction of what they are in the U.S.!

This is possible because in addition to blood flow… curcumin in turmeric could be the biggest…

Breakthrough Discovery for Nerve Regeneration

What makes turmeric in NeuroCene a breakthrough for leg and foot discomfort is that it does more than support powerful circulation. It also can also solve your nerve issues.

Let me explain: You probably don’t think much about your nerve endings, yet this complex “wiring” forms an elaborate communications system between your brain, bodily processes, movement and your environment.

As you can imagine, nerve endings are the key to comfort and need extra care.

Nerve issues can especially become problematic for the peripheral parts of your body, like your legs, feet, and hand, leading to a lack of sensitivity, “blockiness”, tingling and issues with balance.
Here’s the key: the latest research shows that turmeric supports healthy production of “brain-derived neurotropic factor” or BDNF – a master molecule and neurochemical.

BDNF plays key roles in leg and feet comfort. Studies show it … 
  •  Can ease discomfort 
  • ​Promotes nerve regeneration
  • ​Is responsible for redevelopment , repair, and maintenance of peripheral nerves
    But what takes NeuroCene even further as the most powerful solution for leg and nerve issues is that there is now a groundbreaking way to dramatically enhance the soothing benefits of turmeric. 
    And that’s by adding black pepper extract.

    This simple, yet powerful combination of ingredients enhances curcumin’s absorption by 2000% percent!

    So you yet extraordinary relief where you need most!

    More Amazing support for your healthy, and comfortable feeling nerves!

    You can probably tell how excited I am about NeuroCene and how excited I am for YOU! That’s because with enhanced blood flow and circulation , you can start to enjoy life with improved foot and leg comfort.

    But I know that you want ALL your leg and foot problems to go away… not just feel some improvement.

    So remember the other cause of leg and foot discomfort I mentioned earlier— nerve issue?

    Well, I’ve also had my lab infuse every capsule of NeuroCene with the most scientifically researched ingredients that support overall nerve health.

    For instance, when your nerve are damaged, your legs and feet may be in constant pain. 

    Damaged nerves stream non-stop pain signals to your brain, bringing on feelings of burning, tingling, numbness…. stabbing and shooting pains… among others.

    This damage is often the result of the protective coating surrounding your nerves called, myelin, getting too thin, making your nerves especially vulnerable to injury and sensitive to even the slightest touch.
    The good news is that tulsi, an exotic Asian plant, promote myelin repair by helping reduce oxidative stress.

    Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between harmful toxins called free radicals and the anti-oxidants the body needs to fight them.
    Oxidative stress have been known to weaken – and in some cases destroy – the myelin sheath --wreaking havoc on the nerves… potentially leading to pain.

    Researchers have identified various ways in which oxidative stress damages and destroys nerve cells within the body. 

    As a result of this damage, proper nerve function is compromised and can result in numbness, tingling, pain or a number of other unpleasant sensations- typically in the legs and feet.

    But it’s not just the deterioration of myelin that causes nerve issues…

    Medical researchers also blame mitochondrial dysfunction for horrific nerve discomfort

    You may have heard of something called mitochondria. Mitochondria are tiny, little particles that fuel every cell in your body.

    But over time, your body’s mitochondria function decline the same way the engine of your car would slowly break down with daily usage.

    And when this happens, the health of your nerves also deteriorate and becomes more sensitive. And one of the most crucial chemicals your body produces to protect your mitochondria is a natural anti-oxidant called Coenzyme Q10.  

    And this potent nerve protecting chemical, coenzyme q10 is a another ingredient that’s packed into every capsule of NeuroCene.

    Spice from Heaven

    Ginger is perhaps the world’s oldest medicinal spice, used going back 5,000 years.  

    It was first grown in Ancient China and India, where it was touted as a gift from God.  
    Ancient texts going back to the earliest Sanskrit literature praise it as an all-purpose natural healer.

    Ginger contains a powerful compound called gingerol that has been shown to help calm excruciating discomfort.  

    This ancient root is packed with naturally powerful phytochemicals that can stop inflammation right in its path, which is perfect for those suffering from nerve issues.  

    Ginger also switches off the genes that cause age-related inflammation.   

    At Last! Natural Comfort for Tingling, Numb Feet!

    NeuroCene is an amazing breakthrough that contain the highly potent ingredients- turmeric, black pepper extract, tulsi, coenzyme q10 and ginger. 

    This powerful mixture is formulated to soothe leg and feet problems through a 3 step process… 

    Step 1: Increase Sensation  

    Nerve issues are triggered by nerve damage. More times than not, this nerve damage is the result of blood sugar problem and/or poor circulation.  

    As the nerves in your extremities deteriorate , they lose their sensitivity as well as the ability to send signals to your brain. 

    That’s why you may not feel hot or cold and your hands, legs, and feet burn, tingle and feel numb all day long.  

    The ingredients in NeuroCene supports production of natural chemicals in your body to stimulate the nerves, bringing back your sensation and delivering powerful relieve.

    Step 2: Boost Circulation

    Poor blood movement can create nightmares for your legs and feet. Without the warm, oxygenated blood they become numb, cold, and even swollen.  

    Not only that, without the proper supply of blood, your nerves begin to diminish faster and your legs and feet may get worse!  

    NeuroCene contains active ingredients that helps boost blood flow to your extremities. 

    Step 3: Fight Bacteria

    Athletes foot and fungal infections can affect adults of all ages. 

    But published research shows that people suffering high blood sugar problems… as well as seniors… are at the highest risk due to weak circulation and immune systems.  

    The ingredients in NeuroCene have been clinically published to support anti-infective issues and protect feet from the itching , burning, and cracked skin caused by fungal and bacterial infection.

    Nerve Issues Related to Blood Sugar/Glucose Can Lead To Amputation! 

    The numbers are just mind blowing: Over 25 million Americans have blood sugar concerns – a number that’s expected to grow in the coming years. 
    I can count with both hands the number of people in my family with glucose problems.  

    And unfortunately, these, ongoing blood sugar issues affect other areas of the body, including the nerve endings in feet and leg. 

    That’s because your legs and feet are located in your body’s extremities – far from your heart. So problems from circulation can leave you feeling numb.

    And this can turn tragic.

    For instance, I once at a friend who had ongoing problems with his blood sugar. And began experiencing numbness in his feet. He didn’t make much out of it because it wasn’t painful.  

    And he figured since the numbness only happened on occasion, it would go away on its own.

    I wished he had taken it more seriously. Because while on vacation, he suffered what appeared to be a minor cut on the sole of his feet on an innocent walk on the beach. But because his foot was numb… he didn’t feel the abrasion.

    And this led to am infection that didn’t heal due to poor circulation. Sadly, this minor infection, unchecked, spread from his foot… then his ankles… knees… like wildfire, and he ended up having his whole leg amputated.

    It was one of the saddest sights I’ve seen… while visiting him in the hospital.  

    What’s crazy is that studies show people suffering blood sugar problems are 8 TIMES more likely for leg amputation.

    NeuroCene is a powerful solution because it boost blood flow throughout your body, including your leg and feet.

    NeuroCene is your solution to Enjoying Life Again!

    Soothe Sharp Stabbing or Burning Discomfort

    Ongoing issues with blood sugar can ruin your arteries and circulation to your legs and feet. The ingredients in NeuroCene helps rejuvenates nerves, and helps strengthen your blood flow.

    Frigid fingers and toes feeling toasty again

    NeuroCene delivers curcumin in turmeric that supports healthy circulation into your extremities.

    Defend Against Burning, Tingling, and Numbness

    The only way to conquer nerve issues is to by boosting blood flow and strengthening existing nerves.

    Reduce swelling and heaviness

    Slow moving blood can cause excess fluid buildup… causing feet and legs to be swollen and puffy. You can lighten up heavy legs and move like a teenager.

    Regain balance

    Improved sensation leads to youthful balance, coordination and strength.

    Many Have Already Used NeuroCene –
    the results are amazing

    “Comfortable at last!”

    “I’d never thought there would be anything out there to help the discomfort in my feet. I’ve been told by my doctor that most likely, it was poor circulation that may be the cause. And it sometimes make getting around a a nuisance. Ever since I started using NeuroCene, I’ve been more active and gotten around to do lot more things. has finally given me what I need. Thank you.”

    -- Marsha R.

    Can move freely!”

    “I’d started taking NeuroCene 6 months ago and I am very satisfied with the results I have been experiencing. My quality of life have soared. My hands and feet are more responsive to the touch. So I can move about much more freely. Thank you for introducing this breakthrough supplement formula!”

    -- Gary R.

    I sometimes forget I have nerve pain. It works great!

    “The discomfort in my legs have gotten worse over time. So if finally had to do something about it. I tried several different products. And the only one that helped was NeuroCene. I’ve stuck with it since… and it’s given me a lot of relief!”

    --Vicky L.

    No more burning!”

    “The discomfort in my legs have gotten worse over time. So if finally had to do something about it. I tried several different products. And the only one that helped was NeuroCene. I’ve stuck with it since… and it’s given me a lot of relief!”

    -- John W.

    Start Enjoying life on both Legs!

    The All-Natural Pill made for Neuropathy , Nerve Pain, and Lower Leg

    I am proud to say that NeuroCene already has thousands of customers and is quickly becoming one of the leading solutions for people for looking with thousands of customers.

    By supplying your body with key nutrients that are critical to nerve health, the ingredients in NeuroCene rejuvenates your legs and feet and target the underling cause of:
    • Discomfort
    • Burning
    • Tingling
    • ​Numbing
    • Itching 
    • Cold fingers and toes
    • Swelling
    • Heaviness
    • Restlessness
    • Fatigue
    • ​Aches

    Imagine what you could do with both your comfortable feet!

    Instead of letting your feet, legs and hands make your life miserable, imagine how enjoyable life could be with comfort! You could…
    • Easily stroll through the aisles of a supermarket 
    • Get in and out of the car effortlessly 
    • Rise up from a low couch comfortably
    • Get stuff done around the house
    • Regain balance and coordination
    • Pick up and carry stuff without worrying about dropping them
    • Sleep through the night without discomfort
    • Enjoy an amazing life!

    My Personal Money-Back Pledge

    When your shipment of NeuroCene arrives, open the bottle and start taking it everyday. Then keep taking it. I’ve very confident that you will soon feel the difference.

    As you start to enjoy more comfort on your feet and legs, feet and legs that move freely…   You’ll be free to do all the activities you love – without your leg discomfort holding you back.   

    Your loved ones will start noticing the difference… and that they finally have the real YOU back!

    That’s why, if for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not 100% satisfied with NeuroCene, simply return the bottle(s)… even if opened… within 60 days of your purchase, and I will refund you every penny of your purchase price (minus Shipping and handling).

    No Questions asked.

    To try my exclusive NeuroCene risk free, just call toll free 1-800-506-0744 anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

    Or just fill out the enclosed form and mail a check or money order. You have absolutely nothing to lose – and a new, and everything gain

    Karen Hunter 

    Karen Hunter, Health Writer, Journalist

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